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First Home Fix

First time home buyers, sprucing the place up with limited time and budget.

Do you need a home renovation intervention? Do you find yourself going from room to room trying to transform as much as you possibly can? We understand where you’re coming from. Which is why we decided to take a break.

Renovating a kitchen can knock the wind out of you and take a toll on your pocket book. It’s so easy to want to keep going, especially if you bought a fix’er upper like we did. Although, now that the kitchen is finished, or at least operable, we decided to kick back for awhile and enjoy the work we’ve done so far.

We’ve had a few dinner parties, cracked open the never used shower gifts that we received back in 2006, and we’re enjoying it. Although, we have to admit it…in some strange way, we do miss our nightly runs to Home Depot, the high pitched squeal of sawing wood, and the smell of a fresh coat of paint. That’s how we know we need an intervention. We realized we need to “get a life”…get out of the hardware store and do something else. Reconnect with friends, meet the neighbors, have date night. On that note, stay tuned! There will be more to come.