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First Home Fix

First time home buyers, sprucing the place up with limited time and budget.

Not Only Grandmas Clip Coupons!  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  Those who know me, know how much I love a bargain.  If it’s not on sale, chances are I won’t buy it.  If I think I’m getting a deal and then during checkout I’m asked if I have a coupon and I actually don’t…I’ll most likely put it back.  That goes for on-line shopping as well.  This is why I decided to save some space on this page so that I can compile my trustworthy list of coupon sites and places to find great discount codes.  Those of you who have laughed about my unhealthy relationship with the coupon are usually the first to send me a quick text that goes something like this…. “Hey what’s the site you use for online discount codes”.  You know who you are 😉

Discount Codes!

1.  Rainbow Appliances!  Do you need a new gas grill?  Don’t be surprised if they have the lowest prices around.   We got our top of the line Weber gas grill from Rainbow Appliances, best price we could find and the customer service rocks. 

10% OFF the first $250 of any order, as much as $25 off. Use coupon code "25off".

2. The Home Decorating Company -20% Off and Free Shipping – Luxury Bedding Discount Code 

Luxury Bedding Sale - Luxury Comforters & Bed Linens 20% Off & Free Shipping